frequently asked questions

Who made Cake?

Founded in 2016, Cake is an early stage, venture- backed startup located in Utah/the United States. The team’s leadership comes from both technology and consumer-facing operations at, Lendio, Nav, Studio, and Brandr. The Cake team is comprised of new school and old school techies that share a love for the web. Drawing from a long history in consumer technology, the focus at Cake is to create not just innovative products, but delightful, valuable user experiences.

With whom does Cake compete?

As a new mobile browser, Cake competes with the likes of Apple’s Safari mobile browser and Google’s Chrome mobile browser. However, Cake is designed specifically for a mobile experience and a mobile user’s needs, unlike the legacy browsers that are merely translations from their desktop counterparts.

How does Cake work?

Cake combines mobile-first design with a number of browser and search innovations to create an experience truly optimized for your phone.

IndexSuppression—Rather than creating a list of search results that requires scrolling, scanning, and back-and-forth navigation, Cake immediately loads the first 3 results for a search query and allows the user to swipe through the content. Subsequent results are then loaded as the user continues to swipe.

Page Compete—Optimizing for mobile connections, Page Compete considers a web page’s loading time in addition to its search ranking, giving a mobile user content to view, faster.

Search Categories—Cake Search Categories let users choose a media type, enter a single search term, and then view results from multiple online search services. Get the best the web has to offer in videos, images, news and shopping.

Where do I find Cake?

Cake is available as a free download for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Google Play store.

What search engine does Cake use?

In Cake preferences, users can choose either Google or Bing as their preferred search engine.

What is Cake’s privacy policy?

Cake takes users privacy very seriously. More details about the Cake privacy policy can be found here.